Top 10 Best Licensed Plumbers in Michigan

Top 10 Best Licensed Plumbers In Michigan – Few days ago i call Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup, Ticket number was 2231034. I submitted a request for service to unclog a basement drain via their website for 9/1/2020. I received a confirmation email at 7:49 pm on 8/31/2020 that the tech would be there on 9/1 in-between 12pm-4pm. At 3:32 pm the day of the service, i called their office to get an eta as it was getting close to 4pm and i had not heard from roto-rooter. The person on the other end explain that the tech was backed up on the other job and would be on their way after that job. Fine, these thing happen. At 5:27pm, i called the number again to get an update on when the new eta would be of the tech. Again, they did not have an updated eta. At 6:40pm, someone from their office finally called me to inform me that their tech would not make it and they would send someone first thing in the morning as this was a “high” priority. The window of service was scheduled for 8 am -12 pm for 9/2/2020. At 9:57 am, i received a called from them the tech was on his way to my house and should be there within a half hour. When the tech never arrived, i called the office at 11:02 am to see what happened with the tech. The person on the phone said “oh, the tech was called back to the office and should be on his way.” no one thought to give me a curiosity call to explain the delay since my job was a “high priority” but was treated as anything but. The tech finally arrived around 11:50 am to my house. I unlocked my side door and open up the way to go into the basement and waited on the tech to get his notepad, put his mask and gloves on, etc. The very first thing he said to me was “there is a $99 travel fee before i can do anything.” not, sorry for the multiple delays and inconvenience but money first! you can imagine my surprise as first, there wasn’t anything notifying me when i schedule the appointment there was now a travel fee. 2nd, as roto rooter tied up 2 of my days because of their delays, you would think my “high priority” job and a repeat customer, they would waive the fee gladly as they basically missed 2 appointment windows. I understand fees but when you act in unprofessional and inconvenient manner and then expect the customer to pay you added fees for that inconvenience, then there is something seriously wrong with your business model. The tech said he would called his supervisor to go over the fee. I asked the tech if they would be willing to waive the fee, he shock his head to indicate no and if i wanted to speak with his supervisor. I told him no thanks and that i would write a bad review on their unprofessional-ism. I’ve had them do jobs for me in the past and was never this bad. But moving forward, no thanks to roto-rooter.. So, here’s the 10 Licensed Plumbers in Michigan we ever tried:

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Detail Burton's Plumbing & Heating 34224 Michigan Ave, Wayne, Mi 48184, Usa

Burton’s Plumbing & Heating

Address 34224 Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184, USA Phone Number (734) 292-43495/5 (611)
Wonderful service!!! i had part of my old cast iron house stack replace from the upstairs bathroom into the kitchen on the main level and part of the bathroom faucet drainage pipe. The plumbers emailed me and called when their are on there way which i appreciate. Jesse, plumber came and did the estimate and he was professional and courteous. He explain what will be done. But at the time my kitchen cabinets were obstructing his view of the stack so he clearly ask the us/owners to remove them before the job can be done. On another day, tom,the owner came to look at the area to have a clear look on what supplies the his employee would need to do the job. Day of job. The company sent two people which were jesse, certified plumber and jordan, apprentice. Both were respectful and clean up after themselves with their own supplies.Jesse and jordan were very nice and answer my questions without being annoyed. 🙂 it took 8 hours to do this job. Very happy with their work and commitment to the job.
Detail Roto-rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup 422 W Congress St, Detroit, Mi 48226, Usa

Roto-rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Address 422 W Congress St, Detroit, MI 48226, USA Phone Number (313) 223-12121/5 (428)
Let me start by saying i had to leave my place of work early to catch the time frame provided by them. I then get to my house and wait. I call back to ask about a time they will be arriving because it’s close to closing time for them. I am then told they don’t have a tech for because of other priorities( so what am i chopped liver). I am then told everyone is a priority just not me right now!!!
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my point is this we work hard for our money and am trying to spend our money on a service only to be thrown off to the side. Don’t ever use them they are a terrible company they don’t truly value the customer and they are not considerate of the customers time!!! i literally waited for 6 hrs only to call and be told i’m not important!!!! i will never ever use them again and will recommend that no one i’m affiliated with ever use them and get their time wasted!!!!

A professional company should have an informative website with details about the services they provide, business hours, areas they serve and whether they offer emergency services. Safety, professionalism, and diligence is part of what you ought to expect from a plumbing company. When you engage a specialist company to do your plumbing work, they’ll execute the job with passion at an excellent price. So when after that you need plumbing services, utilize the hints that are mentioned above and you will get hold of a reputable plumber without much stress.

Burton's Plumbing & Heating

Burton’s Plumbing & Heating

Roto-rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Roto-rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

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