Top 10 Best Licensed Plumbers in Ohio

Top 10 Best Licensed Plumbers In Ohio – Few days ago i call Robert Jones Plumbing, I had robert jones do lots of work for me since feb. They were great and helpful at first and i paid them a lot of money. Then it changed. I had some more issues they started not showing up on time canceling the day of. Then this last time was pretty crazy. I had some leaking pipes in my crawlspace, first they canceled twice the day of. The first guy came and literally put a copper pipe into the grey pipe just stuffed it in there. He did not check any other pipes in the area and guess what they were all leaking as well. The second guy came and then replaced all the work of the first guy. I got home from work checked the area and their was water dripping at a bucket an hour in the crawlspace from a disconnected air conditioner condensation line. I was trying to have the crawl space repaired the next day had an insulation company coming but now all sudden after they left i had some pipe i had never seen dumping water into the crawlspace. I called them right away trying to get them back out and they said no problem they would send the on call guy. The on call guy called and said he was on his way, then never showed. We called until about ten o clock at night trying to get someone out for a large amount of water in my crawlspace and they then proceeded to just ignore us. Next day they claimed on call guy was supposed to tell us he wasn’t coming….Well it was an emergency that they told us they were coming then blew us off and acted like it was ok, not to count how much water got dumped in my crawlspace. That day the guy came back to repair that ac line they had two guys run the ac line outside. When they were leaving they proceeded to run over my flowerpot (like a big giant flowerpot) solar light and my pole wit my address on it. They did not come in and tell me it wasn’t until later that it was discovered and i can see them do it on my ring camera. They backed up, stopped then got out did something then drove off. I contacted robert jones they asked me to send pictures which i did, they said the owner bob jones (owner) would contact me it has been well over a week. We then got a bill for 2500 dollars including the work from the first guy that the 2nd guy replaced. I would be careful with this company and their customer service is well as you can pretty terrible. Thanks. So, here’s the 10 Licensed Plumbers in Ohio we ever tried:

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Detail Roto-rooter Plumbing And Drain Services 2610 Oh-61, Norwalk, Oh 44857, Usa

Roto-rooter Plumbing And Drain Services

Address 2610 OH-61, Norwalk, OH 44857, USA Phone Number (419) 668-03015/5 (131)
Showed up when they said they would. Joe was very polite and respectful. Joe wouldn’t enter house with out shoe covers even when he was told they weren’t necessary. Took care of problem quickly, if problem returned with in 90 days would come back out with no charge.
Detail Robert Jones Plumbing 6071 Oh-128, Cleves, Oh 45002, Usa

Robert Jones Plumbing

Address 6071 OH-128, Cleves, OH 45002, USA Phone Number (513) 353-22301/5 (22)
I didn’t use the business, however i did witness one of them driving recklessly almost tipping the truck around 3pm on colerain avenue today. He was going well over the marked speed limit, weaving in and out of traffic. Very dangerous especially with pedestrians near by. He could have lost control and caused a bad accident, or worse killed someone. That’s not exactly how i would want to represent my business.

Although a website won’t repair or fix your plumbing problems, it’s often the first point of contact between the company and possible clients. Should you have tried looking for the best plumber in your town with little success, you can consult together with your friends or relatives to get referrals. You can visit their homes to learn the standard of work that you ought to expect from the plumber they want to link you with to resolve your plumbing issues. After getting suggestions, you should research online to learn the knowledge of other clients with the plumber.

Roto-rooter Plumbing And Drain Services

Roto-rooter Plumbing And Drain Services

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Robert Jones Plumbing

Robert Jones Plumbing

That’s all of our recommendation for Licensed Plumbers in Ohio, hopefully it helps you in making decision.

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